Lotteries are held to distribute licenses for the following species: deer, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, tundra swan and wild turkey. Information on lotteries (dates, species information, bonus points calculations, FAQs, etc.) can be found on the Department's General Lottery Information page.

Applying for a lottery  |  Applying for remaining licenses after a lottery  |  Viewing your bonus points

NOTE: During the purchase/application process, do not use your browser's back button to navigate to previous pages. Always use the buttons provided within the webpage itself.

Lottery Application Links

Screenshot of links into lottery

To apply for a lottery, either click on one of the links in the lottery section of the Buy and Apply page or click on the Apply link on your My Account page.

Selecting Licensee(s)

Screenshot of Applicant Selection

You can apply for a lottery for yourself, individual family or friends, and parties. If you wish to apply for an individual family member, friend, or a party, you must have all necessary profile information for each person. Once you have applied for a lottery for another individual, that person will be listed automatically on this page. This allows you to apply for that person in the future without needing to reenter all their information.

If you are applying for a party, select the 'party leader' here. Other party members will be added later in the process.

Residency Confirmation

Screenshot of residency verification page

Every time you apply for a lottery you will be asked to verify residency. This is to verify eligibility for resident licenses and prices. You may also review and edit your contact information from this page.

Lottery Selection

Screenshot of lottery selection page

Select the lottery for which you'd like to apply on this page. Only currently available lotteries will be listed here.

Application Details

Screenshot of lottery application page

Select the unit and license type here.

Party Applications: If this is a party application, you add members on this page. Be aware that the lowest bonus points for any member will be the bonus points used for all members in a party application. So if, for example, 3 of your members have 4 bonus points and one has 1 bonus point, 1 bonus point will be used for the entire party for the application.

Application Fees

Screenshot of application fee confirmation page

The next step in the process will show you the total fees for the application. You can edit or delete the application, continue shopping or checkout at this point.

Order Completion/Printing an Application

Screenshot of completed application order page

After completing the purchase, you can download or print the application from the 'Thank you for your order' page.

Viewing Lottery Results

Screenshot of Lottery section of the My Account page

You will be able to view the results of a lottery from your My Account page. Applications will remain in a pending status until after the lottery has been run.

Purchasing licenses Leftover After a Lottery

Screenshot of License Availabiliby page

After a lottery has been run there may be remaining licenses available for purchase (i.e. when there were more licenses in a hunting unit than there were applicants). To determine if there are licenses left over after a lottery has been run, go to the License Availability page and select the species you want.

Screenshot of available licenses page for fall wild turkey

If there are licenses left over, they will be listed on the species' license availability page along with the associated units. To apply for an available license, click on Apply Now towards the top of the page.

Viewing your Bonus Points

Screenshot of points listing on the My Account page

You can view your existing bonus points by going to your My Account page and scrolling down to the Current Lottery Bonus Points section. To see your bonus points history, click on the View Bonus Point Details. This will popup a list of your bonus points by year. See the General Lottery Information page for an explanation of the bonus points system.