North Dakota Habitats Overview

Note: Information and statistics for the sections below were pulled from the North Dakota Wildlife Action Plan which was updated in 2015.

Icon of CWCS Landcover Map

Vegetation: North Dakota is primarily a prairie state but there are a number of vegetation types unique to the Upper Midwest. This section describes the primary vegetative communities found in North Dakota.

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Geological Regions: There are 6 major geographic regions in North Dakota. This section briefly describes the location and major components of each.

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Climate: North Dakota’s climate is continental and is characterized by large variances in temperature, both on a seasonal and daily basis. Precipitation ranges from low to moderate, and air flow through the region creates windy conditions.

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Land Classification: This section shows the land classification with acreage and percent occupancy of the state.

Icon of Habitats

Habitats: This section is devoted to the nine primary landscape components (these components are identified as key habitats or community types essential to species of conservation priority).